On leaves, vines and the subconscious

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A Decade in Art, a solo painting exhibition by Bidhata KC was inaugurated at the Sarwanam Art Gallery in Kalikasthan on March 1. The inaugural function began with the artist talking about her artistic journey over the years, and the exhibition itself hopes to represent her 10-year-long career as an artist. Managed by ARTNepal and curated by artist Jupiter Pradhan, the exhibition will continue at the Sarwanam Gallery till March 28.

The current exhibition hopes to review and in fact summarise KC’s journey in art. The various art workshops conducted by KC within and outside the country over these years were also evaluated in KC’s presentation which also showcased the evolution of her artwork over the years and featured images of her earliest paintings alongside her latest.

A Decade in Art features 20 paintings that seem to live, breathe and personify nature. Leaves and human beings are ever-recurrent motifs in KC’s works, and those currently being exhibited are no exceptions. Although the artist’s works are also noted for their portrayals of the position of women in Nepali society, there is no denying that her works have mostly come to be associated with their depiction of leaves. “Without my knowing, most of my paintings end up being closely bound with manifestations of leaves,” she says. “It is not purposeful on my part, but something that seems to stem out of its own being.” Fine filigree-like portraitures of dry, rather drying leaves are very common symbols in her paintings, and these, she says, reflect the restlessness in her mind. “I often find that the restless paths my mind tends to take are often very similar in their pattern to the vines of leaves,” she explains.

Ashesh Malla, director of Sarwanam, says, “We have decided to host an exhibition as well as a presentation by artists every month at our premises in hopes of making art more accessible to the general populace.” KC’s works will hopefully be able to resonate with visitors. As works that reach out to the sub-conscious, they certainly hold a special appeal. “Bidhata’s paintings replicate a mixture of her innermost feelings; the subconscious and the unconscious,” says Pradhan as he speaks of the works he’s currently curating. Dibesh Pradhan, the coordinator of ARTNepal, on the other hand, talks about the refinement and consistency evident in all her works.

Besides paintings, KC has explored her artistic talents through other mediums like print, installations and multi-media. In 2010, she was honoured with the Arniko National Youth Award for her contributions to the development of modern art in Nepal. While she continues to strive for excellence in art, KC also hopes to contribute to social welfare.

A Decade in Art will be on exhibit at the Sarwanam Art Galley in Kalikasthan till March 28

Posted on: 2013-03-04 08:21