Title : Out of Emptiness
waste tin cans, fishing thread/ dimension- variable/
 Out of emptiness- Interactive Installation 
A prayer wheel is a very sacred thing for any Buddhist. It comprises a sacred mantra 'Om mani padme hum' carved on it with panchdhatu (fives sacred metals). We wheel them to gain spiritual merits. It is believed that one can reduce the effect of his misdeeds by wheeling the prayer wheels. It is taken as a medium to get salvation.
  I was in trekking of high Himalayas of Nepal in 2006 and 2007. I was about 5000 meters above the sea level observing chill and dry nature and warm and juicy life style including religious practices of the region. The majority of the population there is Buddhist. I was familiar with well-carved wooden prayer wheels in Buddhist monasteries. But i was surprised when  i came across empty tin cans being used as prayer wheels. Though they were just cans, i could rotate them and achieve a spiritual bliss.The idea of this installation came right from there. I simply picked up used cans and tried to offer a different perspective.