"A Decade in Art : Bidhata K.C." - presentation and exhibition

Anybody familiar to the art scenario of Nepal, can relate a painting of leaves to that of Bidhata KC, however she explains that this was not a knowing or deliberate gesture. She hadn't even realized at the initial stage that leaves were a common form in her paintings and this she explains were probably the reflections of her personal restless state of mind very similar to the various directions of the veins of the slightly dried leaves. Having entered the field of fine art under the guidance of her father, Bidhata KC we know of has moved far ahead from the young lass who doodled cartoon characters just to pass her time, after completing her SLC. Recollecting the day of the entrance exam at Lalit Kala Campus, while drawing the still life objects she was absolutely balled over by a fellow student who was making distant measurements of proportions of the objects with his pencil, thinking him to be a lunatic! Such were her novice days! Developing a keen interest, she moved ahead never looking back to fulfill her parents dream of her being a graduate. KC credits her perseverance to her Volleyball training in school, playing at the district level and also having won the best player title. She has completed her art bachelor degree and master degree from Lalit Kala Campus. Her initial disarrays were sorted out after she met various artists and understood their perspectives when she joined Buddha Art gallery, Thamel as an art curator. In 2005 her first international exchange program at Bangladesh and in 2006 her residency at Korea were eye openers, realizing the vastness of the art scene and being able to move from a confined state to explore and experiment. Having taken part on various group exhibitions and projects around the country and internationally, and held 6 solo exhibitions including Italy and Korea, KC’s painting titled ' Marginalized Identity' bagged special mentioned award in National Fine Art Exhibition in 2011. Likewise, she was honored by 'Arniko National Youth Art Award', a National Government Award for excellence in Modern Art and Contributions to the Development of Art in Nepal in 2010. She is equally serving to social welfare through her art and devoted and concern on it. Besides painting she works on other form of art as well like print medium, installation and multimedia.
– Swosti Rajbhandari , 2012